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A Journey to Cherish

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

One year ago I gave up. I gave up trying to make myself fit into a pattern that didn’t match me. I gave up trying to convince myself I was doing the right thing. I gave up “fine, just fine.”

One year ago I stopped. I paused. I finally listened to the voices telling me it was time to walk away. I stopped hustling, stopped faking, and stopped trying to “just do it.”

One year ago my knees hit the ground. One year ago with overwhelming heartache and drowning in tides of failure, I begged for something different.

One year ago I started dreaming. One year ago I started hoping. One year ago I started planting seeds in faith that they would grow into reality. One year ago I dug in, nurtured by the love of family and friends, and tried something completely different.

One year ago I began to cherish. I took the time to notice the warmth of the sun on my back as my hands worked the soil, still cool in the morning light. I grew in gratitude as I awoke to the joy of relationships again. I even started to see me in the midst of it all and learned to appreciate that woman for her tenderheartedness, her determination, her willingness to try.

One year ago I started on a lifelong journey, one I intend to continue. One year ago Cherish was born, yes, out of heartache. But also out of hope and dreams and the belief in something greater, more beautiful, and worth fighting for.

So welcome to Cherish. Welcome to the journey. For whatever time our paths overlap, I am glad to walk alongside one another. Let’s cherish the season and what it brings. Let's cherish one another. Let’s choose to celebrate this time, this life, this moment.

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