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Cherish the
Art of Hosting

Craft experiences hosted at the location of your choosing. It's more than a meal. It's a celebration.

Our Offerings

A Heart of Service

Cherish celebrations are not one-size-fits-all. When you ask us to host, you can expect an experience that is crafted for your unique occasion. We believe in outstanding service, incredible food, and breathtakingly beautiful events. 

To start the process, Maddie will spend time gathering detailed information about your upcoming party, in order to get a feel for the meaning and the heart behind your celebration. She will then send a proposal of ideas and the conversation will continue until everything is a perfect fit for your day. After that, you do not need to worry about a thing! Cherish will bring the meal and, if you want, the plates to eat it on. We will serve, clean up, and leave your home in better shape than we found it. When you hire Cherish to cater your event, you do not have to have food just dropped at your door. You can rely on a full service host that allows you to be fully present with your guests.


Special Occassions

It is an honor to be part of someone else's celebratory moment. We take that privilege seriously. Consider Cherish for your next special event. From birthday parties to rehearsal dinners, graduation parties to bridal showers, each one is worth taking the time to celebrate with intentionality! 

Corporate Events

For many of us, relationships are built around communal meals. Maddie's grandmother taught her early on: "If you want people to listen, feed them." And it's true! We feel valued and connected when our basic needs are being nurtured. Whether it is a work luncheon or after hours relationship building, Cherish would love to help make your coworkers feel special! 


Just Because!

Sometimes we don't need a specific reason to throw a good party. Being together with the ones we love is reason enough to celebrate! It can be a casual taco bar, a four course steak dinner, or lively drinks and apps. Whatever you are looking for, Cherish wants to help make your time with friends and family the best that it can be! Relax and let us bring the party to you. 

For each celebration, menu options are specifically designed to fit your unique celebration. But we do have a few favorites to get the ideas rolling! 


Madeline's passion is finding just the right meal, delivered in just the right way, to exceed your expectations. Her hope is that the experience leaves you satisfied and more than a little wowed. 


It's such a happiness when good people get together. 
   -- Jane Austen

Our Services

Craft Experiences

Cherish experiences are craft experience. Each hosting event is catered specifically for your individual celebration. 

What remains consistent, is quality food, beautiful settings, and peace in knowing everything is taken care of. 


Our Home
Or Yours

A good party is, in part, about location. For that extra special moment, consider hosting your event at the farm! Your guests will be welcomed to our home like friends and enjoy a magical moment surrounded by beautiful gardens and active farm life. 

Plated Dinner

All the best experiences of a restaurant, in the comfort of your own home or a special location of your choosing. You will enjoy topnotch service and quality food, without the bustle and noise of a busy night out. 

Family Style

Picture this cozy scene: delicious plates of steaming food, piled high. Friends and family laughing as they bump elbows around the table. Chatter escalates as everyone digs in. And the best news? You didn't have to cook tonight!

Buffet Style

Looking to host a bigger gathering in a simple and elegant way? Catering in a delicious buffet style meal may be the perfect way to provide your guests great food without the time requirements of a sit-down meal. 

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