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My aim is to provide more than just a catered meal. 

Cherish is about taking in as much as we can from each moment.

It is seeking out the best in those around us. It is a journey of growing, reaping what you sow, and living with purpose.

It is a celebration of all that and more. 

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The Journey to Cherish

Cherish Celebrations is more than a business, it is a way of approaching life. Cherish started in the heart of the garden. I was taken with the process of planting a seed, watching it grow, and harvesting the goodness that followed. Being in the garden and witnessing those daily miracles was completely restoring to me. Making nourishing (and delicious) food from what I had grown became of utmost value. And it was even better when I was able to do that for others. I needed to find a way to share that wonder and bounty. Cherish was born out of the desire to live life intentionally: with grace, a spirit of adventure, and a deep longing to be more mindful of the beautiful, the magical, the extraordinary. 

I have always believed strongly in taking time to notice the small moments. They slip away easily and, more often than not, those instances make up the foundation of our lives. The feel of the sun, the sound of laughter, the simple pleasure of good food -- these are treasures. As recognizing these times became a practice, just taking note wasn't enough. I wanted to celebrate them. I wanted to intentionally create memories and spaces where others could join and be filled. Life is truly fleeting. We get busy and we lose track of what matters. I want to bring into focus the gift of living. I want to leave the world a little lighter, a little more beautiful, and with a lot more love than how I found it. This, Cherish, seems like a great way to start. Won't you join me? 


"Maddie was thorough in her initial questions to get a better understanding of my interests and theme of the party.  Her detailed outline of the day was exquisite, a detailed and perfect representation of what our group desired in our celebration.  Maddie had special touches the entire time that made the day more special.  We didn't feel rushed and she treated us like royalty.  I didn't have to plan a thing or clean a single dish!"


“We have had the pleasure of attending several parties hosted by Cherish.  These parties have ranged from how to make three different breads from scratch to a game night themed dinner.  The attention to detail Maddie pours into these events is unbelievable.  Maddie starts by working closely with you to understand your expectations and wishes and then specifically tailors several options you are able to select from to make sure your party is perfect.  Maddie is extremely creative and clever and comes up with ideas that exceed your expectations.  The entire process was effortless from our standpoint, and we didn’t have to lift a finger from start to end at the party.  Maddie came overly prepared and left our house spotless.  The food and drinks she creates are the best part and absolutely delicious.  Maddie delivers on this and won't disappoint! We love to eat and would rate Maddie’s food along some of the best restaurants we have been to.  It is also cool to know that many of the ingredients come straight from her garden.  The must-have to include at every party are Maddie’s charcuterie boards.  These boards are literally too pretty to eat and are an explosion of meat & cheese with hidden treasures.  We can’t say enough good things about Cherish and have gained many cherished memories with friends and family from these parties.  We highly recommend this experience to everyone!” 

Jerry and Jamie   

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