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Cherish the Times Between

Specialized moments of celebration


Life is worth celebrating! Join us at the farm for one of our parties or let us host your next gathering. From the bounty of the garden to your table, we want you to be a part of this experience!  

Crafting Moments of Celebration

Cherish exists to facilitate celebration and to create spaces of fulfillment and joy. Our purpose is to inspire memorable gatherings and to prepare incredible food with a direct connection to the land on which it is grown. A Cherish occasion is one that tells a story – your story. The gift of Cherish lies in a breadth of pause: a space to be surrounded by something marvelous and to give our hearts a chance to laugh and breathe and beat the stronger for it.


Tailored Experiences for Any Occasion

A Cherish event can take place at our home or yours. Cherish Celebrations started at the farm and it's one of our favorite places to spend time with those we love. But we do recognize that life exists outside the garden. In that case, we bring the party to you! 

Cherish Events at the Farm

From spring through fall, Cherish will host a couple of seasonally-focused events. Our aim is to create community and this is an opportunity for us to share our favorite place. It is a time to enjoy being outside with all the farm has to offer. Maddie's Mini Marketplace is open at farm events with fresh produce and homemade canned goods for sale. These events are open for anyone to join.

This One

Cherish Hosting 

Hosting is an art form, one that we relish. A well hosted get-together can leave your guests feeling incredibly special. When Cherish is given the honor of being a part of your special occasion, you can expect a highly individualized experience. Cherish is able to cater a variety of events including work luncheons, holiday parties, birthdays, special family moments, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, tea parties, cocktail receptions, and more. 

Maddie's Table at the Hayloft

A dining experience unlike any other! Each menu is carefully crafted based on what can be picked fresh from the garden that morning. Join us for a totally unique meal served at the heart of the farm, in the hayloft above the barn. Sit back and enjoy the night while Maddie cooks up a creative and delicious meal. 

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The Cherish Way of Life

Our intention is found in the name. We want to inspire others to cherish one another, the small moments, and this gift of life. We cherish the seasons and the experiences they bring. Cherish prioritizes locally and organically grown produce. Much of what we use is grown at the farm with a focus on sustainability, safety, and respect for the land we are growing on.

Why Choose

The Heart of Cherish:

To resonate with gratitude.

To celebrate in extravagance the people we love.

To honor and to hold the precious moments between breaths.


What Our Clients Say

"Cherish Creations catered our engagement party in May. The food was  fresh, delicious and very  stylish
Madeline's inventive approach to food presentation fitted perfectly with the ambience of the celebration"

We love to be creative. Contact us to start planning your next event.

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